Photography by Rich Smith - Yorkshire Wedding & Outdoor Photographer | An evening of Murmuration

An evening of Murmuration

February 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When I found out that a natural wonder of the starlings murmurating before roost was happening in the middle of Scarborough - I had to get there!

Starling Murmuration over ScarboroughStarling Murmuration over ScarboroughA starling murmuration over the town and seafront of the South beach in Scarborough. Every night residents and visitors enjoy the nature spectical.

They say these specticals are to warn off predators before they settle down to roost for the night. Although this isn't the largest murmuration in the country, its a fantastic sight with some brilliant shapes. 

My photography didn't do it justice so I used the Nikon to take video instead. See the link below for a minute of the murmuration.



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