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Malo Cross - Blakey Topping - Saltergate Circular Walk

January 15, 2017  •  1 Comment

Last year I shared a post on a loop around the Hole of Horcum. Now, this walk begins and ends at the same car park. The easily accesible Saltergate Car Park on the A169 Pickering-Whitby road. If you didn't know already its £1 to park up to 2 hours, and £2.50 for all day (The ticket machine states 2-4 hours but the ticket expires at 23.59).  This walk took us roughly 1 hr 30, with stops for photos and a brew. If you intend to climb up Blakey Topping for the view or head to Bridestones I'd recommend getting a ticket for the day.


Once you've taken in the view of the Hole of Horcum, remain on the same side of the road as the car park heading in the direction of Whitby. Take the bridleway towards Newgate Foot Farm. You'll see the sign indicating the boundary of RAF Fylingdales. At this point take the bridleway-cum-footpath on the left. Follow the edge of the tree plantation and before the gate, be careful not to miss the sign the for bridleway to follow the Saltergate Brow. 

It was blowing a raw northerly on our trip this time. A day before we'd had our first decent snowfall this winter. Our faces took a battering but we soldiered on.

Enjoy the views over Saltergate Moor and RAF Fylingdales. Fylingdales used to be famous for the three 40m golf ball shaped buildings that housed radars. On the site is what looks like a former farmstead (marked Nab Farm on OS) but now looks to just house some hay. A couple of sheep were waiting patiently outside, much like a thirsty hiker waiting for the pub to open at 11.59 (Sounds familiar).


The track begins to descend, and we enjoyed a rest bite from the chilly northerlies. Once descended our first waymark comes in to view, Malo Cross.

I can't find much history on its origins of the cross other than it is a boundary cross erected in c1619 by Sir Richard Egerton. It sits at the base of 'Whinny Nab' and a junction of pathways heading in each direction. Marked on the cross is K   R I E plus a masons mark further down. It's in relatively good nick considering it's almost 400 years old.

After a quick drink we followed the 'long side' of Hazlewood Moor. If you have a dog be careful of livestock grazing in these fields. 

A view of Blakey Topping:

When you get to Newgate Foot its decision time. Whether to head up to the top of Blakey Topping or to take the route to enjoy the view. We chose the latter this time. We headed up the field and crossed the farm driveway. There's some steep steps here, so take caution. Particularly when its icy. If you'd like to conquer Blakey Topping take the track through the farm yard, resisting the urge to pet the horses in the stables.

It's time to make the first ascent up Newgate Brow. This is the only real ascent on this short but enjoyable walk. 


Pippa at the top, waiting for us blowing behind.

Once at the top you can enjoy further views of Blakey Topping and decide if you'd like to continue on to Bridestones or back to the Car Park on 'Old Wives Way'. It was time for us to make our return journey to Saltergate so we made a right turn and followed the top of Newgate Brow.



Old Wives Way:

Pass the small aircraft hanger and airstrip. The airstrip isn't marked on the OS maps. The only reason I can think of is the airstrip could be used a light aircraft landing spot for RAF Fylingdales. You'll soon find yourself back at the A169 and the car park. 


This circuit is a short but enjoyable walk and quieter than the jewel the other side of the road. It's not too challenging and I would say it would be good to tire the kids without walking too far. Another bonus is that you can make it longer if you wish by including the climb to the top of Blakey Topping and looking for the ancient 'standing stones' nearby.






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